vehicle services

We provide a wide range of inhouse services from regular service, diagnosis, repairs, air conditioning, detailing services and more. We believe we are the most qualified and certified team, therefore confident in providing you a professional service. If you seek competent vehicle repairs at reasonable pricing, please contact us!

servicing done right!

Following Manufacturer Guidelines
Multi-award winning team with impressive qualifications and industry leading competence to make sure your car is fixed properly.

Electrical Diagnosis

Diagnostic Competence is our Specialty
Certified and experienced electrical diagnostic technicians with real competence to understand and diagnose electrical system defects on modern cars. We are equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi and most European and Asian car brands.

Overhaul & Repair

Fixing Major Problems while minimizing expense
Mechanical repairs done properly with skill and experience. Exact measurements, precise adjustments, correct tolerances, working with care and cleanliness. We follow correct methods and have a quality attitude. Munich Precision staff get satisfaction in returning your car in excellent repaired condition.

Air Conditioning

Exacting Work & Precise refill via Bosch equipment
We do not outsource this to third parties. We have our own excellent Bosch equipment and technicians who understand the theory and practice of air-conditioning systems. Only with vacuum extraction, refilling exact weight of refrigerant and volume of correct compressor oil can you be assured of proper cooling and long service life. Leaks, electrical faults and bad odours can all be diagnosed and rectified.

Hybrid / Elec Experts

Competence Center for Hybrid & Electric Drive
Fully qualified and capable in checking, diagnosing and working on live high-voltage hybrid and/or electric drive systems. If you have a local or grey market car and you need proper support for your modern e-drive vehicle, please give us a call!

Buying a car?

Comprehensive Vehicle Check and Report
Buy your next used car with confidence with a comprehensive vehicle condition check and report from Munich Precision. We help you make an informed purchase decision.

Detailing Service

Polishing, coating, headlamp restoration, leather care and more.
We can do washing, vacuum, polishing, 9H ceramic coating, headlamp restoration, interior cleaning, cloth seats shampoo, leather seats care and deep sanitizing for extra covid-19 protection. We can make the very best of your car no matter its age. We also arrange excellent, competitively priced body repair and painting services.

Affordable Parts

Original, OEM, Refurbish, solutions in your budget
Munich Precision offers you original replacement parts at very fair pricing and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts even more competitively. We source from a variety of channels to find our most reasonable price position for the advantage of our customers.